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KSL shop fittings is a professional manufacturer of shop design,mall kiosks and display cases. We provides a one-stop service, including store design, shop fixtures production, quality inspection, packaging, transportation, after-sales and installation. You should not worry about lacking experience of opening a store because our experienced client managers and designers would service you one to one until your entire shop has been installed. It’s worth to trust us.

Kekuatan kami

1.There are two large-scale 10,000 square meters factories which with fine division of labor, rapid production, and strict quality inspection. All the materials we used are advanced and environmental. We not only consider the quality of the products, but also care for the health of you.

2.Our designers engage in design more than 5 years and were certified by NATIONAL DESIGNER TEST.

3.Our successful store design cases in pass 25 years include jewelry store,clothing store, beauty salon, optical shop,cosmetics store, pharmacies, department store, grocery shop, digital store, and so on.

4.We have been the market leader of the design industry in Europe and the United States over 10 years, and obtain more than 70,000 praise from buyers.