Function of cosmetic display stand

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1. Eye-catching: In order to attract consumers and facilitate their visit and shopping, retail stores should flexibly choose cosmetic display positions, display spaces, display positions and stacking methods according to the characteristics of cosmetics, so that customers can maintain visual awakeness when purchasing.
2. Description: The cosmetics display cabinet can explain the relevant information of the cosmetics sold in the store, such as price, article number, brand, origin, etc., should be comprehensive and authentic so that consumers have a comprehensive understanding of cosmetics.
3. Artistic beauty: The display of the cosmetics display cabinet should be based on the premise of maintaining the independent aesthetic sense of the cosmetics, artfully arranging the cosmetics through the artistic modeling, and reflecting each other to achieve the overall artistic effect of beauty.Methods should be novel and unique, making them irresistibly attractive to consumers.Pay attention to certain aesthetic principles, beautiful, easy to use, symmetrical, harmonious, can also use some decorative items, etc., to show enough cosmetic information with art.
4. Sense of richness: Cosmetics are optional goods. Consumers hope that they have more choices in order to compare their quality, style, color and price.Orderly, complete and rich in cosmetics display, giving consumers a lot of choice and a sense of prosperity in the store.
5. Rationalization: According to the psychological requirements and shopping habits of consumers, cosmetics display cabinets of the same variety or series should be displayed at the same location.The display height should be appropriate to make it easier for consumers to see and feel, and improve the visibility and positive visual effects of cosmetics.

Post time: Dec-19-2019