Hedi Slimane︱Fashion brand Celine store new design

Hedi Slimane︱Fashion brand Celine store new design


  Hedi Slimane has developed a new visual identity for the stores of fashion label Celine, redesigning its New York, Paris, Tokyo and LA locations with steel, marble, and mirrored interiors.

In the Celine branch on New York’s Madison Avenue, which was the first store to undergo an overhaul, grey basalt has been applied to the floors. Chunky structural columns that seem to burst through the ceiling have then been clad with panels of veiny black marble, reclaimed oakwood, and gold-hued brass.


The Celine store on Madison Avenue, New York was the first to be redesigned


A sculpture by James Balmforth features in the Madison Avenue store

  Polished stainless steel has been used to craft horizontal shelves that line the peripheral walls and low-lying plinths, which have been fitted with LEDs so as to appear to hover above the ground.

Pieces can also be displayed inside glass boxes or hung from one of the rectangular black frames that are suspended above.

At the centre of the space sits a sculpture by British artist James Balmforth, featuring stacked blocks of stainless steel, while craggy rocks prop up mirrored panes.



A sweeping staircase winds down through the Celine store in Tokyo


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