How do we maximize the effectiveness of the display cabinet?

How do we maximize the effectiveness of the display cabinet?


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Display cabinets can be seen everywhere in life, but how do we maximize the effectiveness of the display cabinet? As the name implies, the display cabinets are showing the items in the cabinet, for example, in the roundabout in the shoe store for customers to choose. So how does the display cabinet reflect the desire of customers to buy? The display cabinet must be clean and tidy, not to be dirty, especially in some food stalls and barbecue shops. This leads to the fear of the customer wanting to buy, the display cabinet is so dirty, the food will have any problems and so on. So how to solve these problems?


Shoe Store Design

First of all, the display cabinet should be clean and bright, and the items placed inside must be neatly arranged and clearly defined. For example, the first layer can be placed with fruits and vegetables, and the second layer can be placed with meat fish. Items should be placed as much as possible, so that customers will choose more items when they choose, and the items will be clear at a glance.


Candy Shop Design

Secondly, the display case is best placed on the right hand side of the door or on the side facing the door. Don’t put it in the corner, or put it behind the checkout counter, which is not conducive to customer choice, so it is easy to find and choose. 图四

Thirdly, when the display cabinet is placed for a long time, a maintenance and scrubbing display cabinet should be regularly installed to increase the service life of the display cabinet, but the external beauty must be reflected.Having said that, you should have a general understanding and recognition of the display cabinet, and the display cabinet should be closely related to the times in terms of appearance. Be sure to show the customer’s desire to buy and let the customer make a purchase.


Post time: Mar-11-2020