How to design a showcase?

How to design a showcase?

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In addition to taking into account his aesthetics when producing a custom display cabinet, he also needs to increase his practicality when using it.In veneer display cabinets, paint display cabinets, special-shaped display cabinets, and high-end display cabinets, they have their own unique manufacturing methods and techniques to make customers more assured and more satisfied.
1. According to market positioning: Before carrying out the design of the display cabinet, carry out the necessary market research, fully understand the current market conditions and dynamics, obtain certain design ideas from market feedback information, reasonably position your own products, and avoid self-styled A design that is disconnected from the market society appears.
2. Based on the product itself: When designing and manufacturing the display cabinet, it should be based on the product and combined with the characteristics of the product itself. According to the needs, the volume, shape, material, style, grade style, and content of the displayed product are determined to determine the form of the display cabinet , Fully reflects the characteristics of the product and the advantages of using the product.
3.based on consumers: the original intention of making the display cabinet is to show, then show to whom?Of course, it is shown to consumers, so the designer should make clear the needs of consumers, grasp the psychology of consumers, on the basis of market research, targeted design, according to different gender, different consumer groups, different age groups and respectively.

Post time: Mar-07-2020