Product display and form expression function introduction of display cabinet(Part 1)

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Showcases are an important part of commercial space. Some people call them “static advertisements”. They are also the closest to customers in a commercial environment, and they are the first sales promotion method to attract customers. A good display cabinet design helps consumers effectively identify brands, guide shopping, and beautify commercial spaces, and build a beautiful shopping environment.
The design of the display cabinet should be functional. When designing the external form and image, the designer also needs to consider its internal functions. While satisfying the product exhibition, it also provides a good environment and conditions for shopping guides and mall operations. The product display and form expression functions of the commercial display cabinet design are introduced as follows:
The display function of the product is the most basic and common function of the commercial display cabinet. To a certain extent, it has many similarities with the general commercial display cabinet. The difference is mainly the functional characteristics of the items displayed.The general commercial display is an inevitable product of the development of the commodity economy, and this form of development will inevitably drive the economic development in the form of the display economy.

Post time: Dec-10-2019