Product display and form expression function introduction of display cabinet(Part 2)

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Display usually refers to putting things clearly or expressing them clearly for viewers to understand and explore.The articles of commercial display cabinets are concentrated on social consumption and physical goods used by people, belonging to the category of products and commodities necessary for people in social consumption.
1. Product display function
The product display function refers to the detailed display of the marketed products, including the product’s style color, specifications and other product detailed information.It is necessary for customers to fully and thoroughly understand the products on display at the commercial venues, so that customers have a certain understanding of each product information while seeing the products, which will lead to the occurrence of marketing activities such as purchases.In addition to the most basic product display functions of commercial display cabinets, the following two points should be noted:
1) Protecting and highlighting goods Reasonable protection and effective highlighting of goods are the keys to the successful design of commercial display cabinets.
2) Any kind of commercial display cabinet that is convenient for shopping guide and promotion of goods. Only by closely focusing on the commercial marketing theme of shopping guide and promotion can we achieve superior product display functions.
2. Formal expressive function
Formal expression function is for product display.In the buyer’s market today, the sale of products seems particularly important. Whether it is a product or a service, it must first come out of the shadow of utilitarianism and think about the customer’s feelings. This is the foundation of the enterprise.The significance of the existence of an enterprise lies in satisfying the needs of customers, and only by doing so can it be profitable. The display form of the commercial display cabinet is the expression form that is excavated from the perspective of customers and displaying prominent products based on the customer’s feelings.

Post time: Dec-12-2019