What are the techniques of storefront design for optical shops?(Part 1)

What are the techniques of storefront design for optical shops?(Part 1)

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Although the vigorous development of e-commerce has brought a lot of impact to the offline retail industry, not all industries will be stunned in front of e-commerce. Some special industries still have good development trends offline. Glasses Industry is one of them.

As a special product, glasses are difficult to provide customers with comprehensive and meticulous services by relying on e-commerce as a development platform. It is also difficult for customers to get the products that are available only by the display of pictures. Therefore, it is difficult for customers to discard the process of entering the store experience service .But even so, the optical shop can not be relaxed, after all, the competition from its peers is also huge, which also promotes the innovative development of the optical shop, in which the store design of the optical shop is one of the specific performance.

The traditional eyewear store does not make detailed planning in design, just rely on product display to let customers know the scope of this store, but with the development of the times, this concept is obviously full of loopholes and outdated. Next, let ’s take a look at a few optical store store design cases designed by Ligu, to explore what skills the optical store store design has.

The design of this optical shop divides the space into the product display area, service desk, optometry area, and optics area in the lobby,in this way, customers can have enough private space when performing optometry and optics.The display cabinets in the hall are very well placed, and the wide space can give people a neat and beautiful feeling. It does not appear to be too dull. The visit of the product will not give people too tight pressure, making people feel very comfortable.1

Post time: Apr-17-2020