What are the techniques of storefront design for optical shops?(Part 2)

What are the techniques of storefront design for optical shops?(Part 2)

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2.British green lanes optical shop

In order to cater to the brand style of this store, the overall color of the storefront is a combination of white and green. This combination makes people feel comfortable at first glance and looks very clean and neat. It is in line with the characteristics of the glasses industry and will not be produced abruptness and fatigue.
The door head adopts black tones, the lines enhance the visual feeling, and the green border serves as an embellishment and eye-catching effect, bringing a fresh life to the store, which will bring a clear world to more sober ordinary people. The oversized glasses are also very eye-catching, with a reflection effect, which deepens the visual impression of people passing by, letting people know what this store is at first sight.

From the above, it is not difficult to see that when designing the storefront, the optical shop pays great attention to an overall feeling. It cannot be separated from the characteristics of the industry. It is not like a clothing store or a restaurant. Because their own styles are diverse. The glasses are different. They feel bright, clean, and calm. If the store design is too abrupt and exaggerated, it will affect the feeling of the product itself, which is very unfavorable.

The second is the placement of the products. In the past, the design of the optical shop was eager to show all products to the customers one by one, thinking that customers would always be able to choose one of many products, but this approach is now apparent It is unwise. It is expected that customers spend a lot of time to choose, but it will easily make people feel tired. The real way is to use the service to impress the customer, understand his specific needs, and find the product that the customer wants in the shortest time Of course, the display of the product is certainly understandable, but it still needs to adhere to the principle of comfort. If the number is too large, it is often easy to produce discomfort.
Dhamani 1969 jewelry store at The Dubai Mall.  Designed by Callison LLC.

The division of the area is also an important point that cannot be ignored in the store design of the optical store. In order to save space, some stores arrange the display area, the optometry area and the optician area very compactly, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

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