What elements should be paid attention to the design of high-end jewelry stores?

Jewelry has always been a luxury item in consumer goods. In recent years, many jewelers have fallen into a misunderstanding in store design, arguing that jewelry store decoration is enough as long as the decoration grade.In fact, the design of jewelry stores should not only pay attention to the interior design, but also pay attention to how to match the goods, so as to make the jewelry stores have a higher grade and make the goods look more upscale.
How to ensure that the jewelry store decoration to meet customer requirements, let a person shine at the moment?First of all, the design of the header of the jewelry store is very important. A unique but not digress store name can leave a deep impression on the customer, not only to give people a beautiful enjoyment, but also to attract people’s attention and achieve better sales.
Secondly, the exterior design of the jewelry store can not be ignored, the jewelry store is the image of the jewelry store, the jeweler attaches great importance to the design of the store.The main function of store design is to attract passing customers to stop and watch carefully, so as to attract them to buy in the store.Therefore, the store appearance design of jewelry store should be novel and unique with unique style.Thirdly,  the interior decoration of the jewelry store should echo the store’s exterior design, otherwise it will give the customers who enter the store a feeling of “Apple of Sodom”.
Generally speaking, customers will intentionally or unintentionally browse the window before entering the store. The window display is the key to attract customers to enter the door. It is the first exhibition hall of the jewelry store and an important part of the overall decoration of the facade.The window is the most convenient and quick to contact with the consumer, so the jeweler often spends a lot of time and design to dress up the window, so the window has become the most direct form of advertising for the jewelry brand to promote their jewelry.

Of course, there are also jewelry counters and lighting design that play a pivotal role in the decoration of jewelry stores. Jewelry goods are perfectly presented in front of customers, which cannot be separated from the selection and collocation of exhibition cabinets and lights.In view of the particularity of jewelry as a luxury, as long as the lighting is arranged in the right position of the showcase, it can often show unexpected results.


Post time: Mar-26-2020