What is the focus of women’s clothing store decoration design? (Part 2)

What is the focus of women’s clothing store decoration design?

(Part 2)

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2. Women’s clothing store decoration signs and features

In addition to the store name factor, the signboard quality should also consider the choice and integrity of the font. When we walk to the streets, we often see some good store names, but they use the twisted fonts embedded in the signboards in front of the door. The typos and traditional characters are not uncommon, and even some of the words they create casually.The signboards of specialty stores should avoid words that are not commonly used.



The signboards of specialty stores should avoid words that are not commonly used. The purpose of the signboard is to make people understand clearly, mystification can incur the revulsion of the client only.In recent years, the logo has been increasingly adopted by specialty stores, and has moved from the plane to the three-dimensional, from static to dynamic, and activities in front of the store, attracting passing pedestrians. For example, in many fast food restaurants in the United States, in order to emphasize the personality of the store, large figures or animal statues are set at the entrance, accompanied by relaxed and enjoyable advertising music, which is loved by customers.

3. The shop window of the women’s clothing store decoration

The window is the “eyes” of the store. Whether the face of the store is charming or not, this “eye” plays a decisive role. The window is an artistic expression and an important means of attracting customers. Walking in the commercial street of any commercial capital, there are countless people watching and appreciating in front of the window. They are crowded and talking, like enjoying a famous painting. On the Champs Elysées in Paris, admire the window of each specialty store, or a very popular tourist project!

Therefore, the store must not have a window, and the layout and display of the window should not be underestimated.



The details of the after decoration of the women’s clothing store are very important.

1. The taste treatment of the shop after renovation

If there is a long-term smell, look for the decoration designer to ask the situation, and in addition to some corners and details of the treatment, such as the ground paint or glue should be handled. After the renovation, try to make it perfect. Otherwise, if the ground is not finished or a wall is not finished, especially the conspicuous position, and the overall effect is destroyed, it is not ideal! After all, each store is different, and each area is different, too specific There is no way to talk to everyone.

2. The door font and size combined with the Storefront

The appearance of the Storefront basically determines the style positioning of the women’s clothing, and the choice of the font basically determines the grade of the women’s clothing. The fonts should be simplified, and many people do not know the traditional characters, let alone let the consumers remember your store. Complex font design is not necessary, the purpose of the women’s clothing store is to let others remember, the recognition of clarity is the most basic requirement.In addition, the color of the font and the color of the Storefront must be matched.



3. The fitting room settings and specific location

In terms of the color of the fitting room, I suggest that it is best to match the color of the store, and the position can be conspicuous. The fitting room should be carefully arranged, the environment is warm and the clothes that are easy to hang up. The specific position is preferably the most suitable for use in a dead space where it is not used, or where the display area is not close to the checkout counter.


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