What is the focus of women’s clothing store decoration design?(Part 1)

What is the focus of women’s clothing store decoration design?(Part 1)


Women’s clothing store decoration skills style details are the focus

In the decoration of clothing stores, which style of style is chosen is often a concern of people. Modern style, classical style, Chinese style, European style, postmodern and Baroque. So what should the clothing store pay attention to when decorating? How to install a unique style?



First of all, the choice of decoration style should be consistent with the style of women’s clothing sold, which is an important principle to determine the style of shop decoration.

Secondly, it is best to find some decoration workers who have experience in decorating storefronts.Moreover, it is necessary to observe the construction on the spot all the time. What specific places should be specifically explained to the decoration designer, do not wait for them to complete the work, and complain when they find dissatisfaction, so that not only the relationship between the two parties is not good, but also the decoration The effect has not been achieved, and re-construction will waste money and waste time.

In addition, the specific time should be given to the designer, the shorter the time the better, but the premise is that work must be done seriously.




There are still some situations, such as how some places are how you want to get it, but there is no way to do it when you actually decorate it. At this time, you must remember that if the shop shows the same design effect, especially the choice of materials. on. Don’t just use high-end things, as long as the appearance can achieve the desired goal. In addition, if some places fail to achieve the desired goal, then start your mind and change your mind.The premise is to match the overall style and color!


Details of the dress shop decoration to pay attention to

1. Stores and trademarks for women’s clothing store decoration 

The image of a women’s clothing store is closely related to the name and trademark. In recent years, many people have fallen into a misunderstanding when choosing a store name, unilaterally pursuing novelty and fashion, and neglecting the intrinsic connection between the store name and the store itself, giving people a sense of incomprehensibility.



The name of the store should be distinctive, but it should not be too far away from the title. The name of the store allows the customer to know what the goods you are operating. In other words, the name of the food store should be like a food store, and the name of the clothing store should be like a clothing store. A good store name should have three characteristics: one is easy to pronounce and easy to remember; the other is to highlight the business nature of the store; the third is to make a deep impression.

With a good store name, you also need to design the corresponding trademark. The name of the store is a kind of textual expression. The trademark is a kind of graphic description, and the latter is more likely to make a deep impression. Trademarks must strive for simplicity and beauty.


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